This year let's make Web Summit extra amazing for the Lithuanian startup scene!

We are organizing a direct flight from Vilnius to Lisbon at the time of the Web Summit conference on NOV 13th - 16th and back to Vilnius with networking and side events.


We will start with a networking event at the Vilnius VIP terminal! 3 hours before the flight we will gather to say hello, meet new contacts, and share good practices on how to make the best use of time when attending the Web Summit conference. After the networking, we will go to our plane and depart for Lisbon.

To attend and cover the flight costs, the price per person is:

- 659€.

For this price, you will be provided with:

-Access to a networking event in Vilnius airport VIP terminal (3 hours before the flight) on November 12th;

-Direct flights (and return) Vilnius - Lisbon - Vilnius November 12th - 16th;
-Luggage up to 20kg checked bag

Once you fill out the form, one of us will contact you directly with the payment link

- The flight and networking event occurs from November 12th to November 16th, 2023.

- Web Summit starts from November 13th till November 16th 2023.

- We will arrive to Lisbon one day before the event and will leave in the evening on the day Web Summit is closing.

- You will have plenty of time to do your extra activities before and during the event.

Some important details


Who can qualify?

  • Your company must be registered within a maximum period of five years from the date of compensation.

  • Your company has fewer then 50 employees

  • The company's annual revenue does not exceed 10 million euros.

  • The company has high growth potential and can expand it's operations abroad, without using any extra resources (sorry to say that, but a hotel, food truck, hair salon is not a startup) detailed description (LT)

  • Up to 1009€ compensation for flights, hotels and other travel related expenses

  • Tickets to Web Summit event (2 people max, per company)

What can your company actually claim?

I'm in! How to make the claim?

It's a very simple process, just filing a few forms

  1. Aplication form download here

  2. Single company declaration download here

  3. Show proof of the flight, hotel booking, Web Summit We will provide this part!

  4. Product/service pitch deck. You know what a pitch deck is right..?

DEADLINE for claiming compensation 2023 Nov 17th.


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